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Psychotherapy is not appropriate as a crisis line. If you are suicidal go to your nearest Emergency clinic. 

Adapted from: Posner, K., Brent, D. Lucas, C., Gould, M., Stanley, B., Brown, G., Fisher, P., Zelazny, J.,  Burke, A., Oquendo, M., Mann, J. (2008) COLUMBIA-SUICIDE SEVERITY RATING SCALE Screen Version - Recent, The Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc.The Columbia Lighthouse Project.

This form is only for admitted and assessed current clients of Canada Online Therapy, Lee Park Psychotherapist.


Canada Online Therapy protects Canadian's mental health with warm, friendly, compassionate, safe, confidential, trusted, proven empirically online therapy methods that work with a highly skilled online therapist.


If you are already a registered online therapy client and have been assessed to be on the at risk continuum, you have been requested to fill our CSSRS-Screen test.

Canada Online therapy works to get you safe, permanently off recovered from at-risk mental state.

"This scale is intended to be used by individuals who have received training in its administration. The questions contained in  the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale are suggested probes. Ultimately, the determination of the presence of suicidal  ideation or behavior depends on the judgment of the individual administering the scale."


Screen Version - Recent

Client Information


🟨 1) Within a month: Have you wished you were dead or wished you could go to sleep and not wake up recently ?
🟨 2) Within a month: Have you actually had any thoughts of killing yourself recently?
🟧 3) Have you been thinking about how you might do this? E.g. “I thought about taking an overdose but I never made a specific plan as to when where or how I would actually do it....and I would never go through with it.”
🟧 4) Have you had these thoughts and had some intention of acting on them?As opposed to “I have the thoughts but I definitely will not do anything about them.”
🟥 5) Have you started to work out or worked out the details of how to kill yourself? Do you intend to carry out this plan?

Check mark only Yes's to prior questions ~

🟨 Low Risk

🟧 Moderate Risk

🟥 High Risk

Select Results - Higher colour, higher result.
🟨 Low Risk
🟧 Moderate Risk
🟥 High Risk
I agree to the terms of services

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