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EMDR Online Canada

Canad Online Therapy offers the best online EMDR therapy, remote therapy.

EMDR acronym, what does EMDR stand for ? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

Emdr therapy explained simply, Easy explanation of EMDR, EMDR therapy meaning ? Quick and dirty, EMDR helps us get out of your way, help you get out of your way, so your brain and body can sort out things on your own.


EMDR uses what's called EMDR bilateral stimulation, EMDR bilateral stimulation tools, this is a way the left brain talks to the right brain, to sort thing out.

Canada Online Therapy provides ​EMDR counselling and the best EMDR therapist near you, emdr child therapist near you, by providing online EMDR therapy, remote EMDR therapy.

Canada Online Therapy offers the best EMDR therapy techniques, ​steps of EMDR, EMDR online tools in your virtual therapy sessions via zoom therapy or phone therapy.

Canada Online Therapy offers an online mental health platform where with your online EMDR therapist discover EMDR benefits

Remote EMDR 

Here are a few examples of EMDR treatments Canada Online Therapy offers

emdr and adhd 

emdr demonstration

emdr and somatic therapy

attachment focused emdr

emdr anxiety

emdr and autism

emdr and ptsd

adhd emdr

emdr depression

cost of emdr therapy

​emdr definition

eye movement therapy for anxiety

FAQ Online EMDR Therapy

Is emdr therapy legitimate ?


Yes EMDR is legitimate. It was established as a PTSD intensive treatment has been adapted to treat more common presentations like anxiety, depression.

Is emdr effective online ? Does emdr therapy work online ? Can emdr therapy be done online ? Can you do emdr therapy online ?

Can you do emdr therapy virtually ? Does emdr therapy work online ?

Yes to all the above. Like any therapy, how you are taking care of your basic self care and the bond between your therapist and you matters, when going into deeper therapies.


​Can emdr be done over the phone ? Yes. It can be done over the phone if the therapy alliance - trust between you and your therapist is strong and established.

Is emdr a talking therapy ? It depends, and it depends what you are comparing it to. EMDR is not as didactic as some other therapies, but it uses talk therapy to set you up and get you out of exercises.

Is emdr therapy scary ? It sholdn't be. Your therapist's job is to assess where you are in your progress in EMDR and to see if you are ready for harder work. You should report to your therapist you are ready for deeper work, and provide feedback that is honest.

Is emdr therapy expensive ? It can be to set up. Canada Online Therapy has adapted techniques of EMDR to expedite ideal candidates to create the most efficient, effective approach for quick and lasting results.

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