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Adult Online Therapy Services

Adult Therapy provides adults with 1 to 1 therapy services in areas of client's presenting concern.


Adult psychotherapy comprises of assessment, treatment planning, treatment intervention, follow up for clients presenting issues.


Adult therapy clients of Canada Online Therapy report benefits of:


- awareness

- more clarity, focus

- greater clam, peace

- better self care 

- increased motivation

- elevation of mood

- better coping strategies

- improved relationships

- greater emotional independence

- resolved childhood trauma

- overcoming debilitating anxiety, depression

- and much more.


Online Adult Therapy

Canada Online Therapy works to provide you the best online therapy Canadian Online Therapy, virtual therapy Canada Services.

Canada Online Therapy specializes in adult therapy, therapy for adults.

Canada Online Therapy provides an adult therapist for adult counseling.
Online Adult Therapy is appropriate for you if you are looking for:

✧ individual therapy for adults

✧ individual counseling for adults

✧ trauma therapy for adults

✧ a childhood trauma therapist for adults

✧ young adult counseling

Canadian Online Therapy for Adults

Our highly skilled adult therapist, registered mental health therapist has successfully treated such mental health concerns as:


 Assertiveness Training

✿ Anxiety

 Social Anxiety

 Health Anxiety

 Performance Anxiety


Decision making


 Mild, Major Depression

Grief, Loss


 Loss of Health, Accidents, Diagnosis



Life goals

Identity, Self concept

Childhood Trauma

Relationship Issues

Break ups, Divorce

Caregiver Burnout

Workplace Burnout

 Optimal Performance

 Enhancement of Executive Functioning

and much more ~

Best Online Therapy for Adults

Canada Online Therapy provides the best online therapy for adults.

Book today to connect with your highly skilled, passionate, compassionate online therapist for virtual therapy.


Canada Online Therapy develops

effective online 1 to 1 therapy sessions

efficient online adult therapy approaches

individualized tailored therapy programs


~ so you can reach your therapy goals.


Our trusted, powerful therapy approaches include such psychotherapy modalities such as:


 Acceptance Commitment Therapy

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Emotion Focused Therapy 


 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy


 Internal Family Systems Therapy


 Psychodynamic Therapy

 Solution Focused Therapy

and many more


Online Adult Therapy 
Covered by Insurance

Canada Online Therapy provides the best online therapy as a mental health service.

Canada Online Therapy is a provider for insurance covered therapy for adults who wish for online therapy.


Canada Online Therapy is an internet based psychotherapy by telephone or by video.

Canada Online Therapy provides counseling services for adults seeking optimal mental health.

Book today to meet your adult online therapist.

After filling out our availability form you should expect to see an appointment booked in within 24 hours sent to your email and your phone in the times you wish. Thank you for your trust in Canada Online Therapy.

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