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Online Therapist Canada

Overwhelmed shifting through all the online therapy platforms ?


Canada Online Therapy makes it easy and simple for you to access online therapy Canada covered by insurance with a down to earth, friendly, easy going registered online therapist.

Why is Canada Online Therapy the best online therapy Canada, Canadians experience ?


We offer online therapy that works, virtual therapy that's helpful.

Canada Online Therapist 

Canada Online Therapy provides Canadian online therapy, extremely committed to providing the best online therapy. 

Canada Online Therapy allows you to have online therapy in Canada from anywhere, making it more accessible, convenient, efficient.

Canada Online Therapy provides Canada online counselling, making online counselling in Canada easy to find,

book online.

Find more about your Online Therapist here.

Commonly asked Questions

Are online therapists legit ?

It depends. Look for their education, license, registration. These boards usually do the vetting for you - meaning, making sure the standards are what they should be.

Is online therapy just as effective?

Yes. For most people.

Does insurance cover online therapy in Canada?

Yes. Canada Online Therapy is a virtual therapy clinic that accepts insurance.

How expensive is therapy in Canada?

Prices for interns go from $0 to around $40.

The prices go up to around $225 a session.

Does online therapy work for anxiety?

Yes. Online therapy works for anxiety, but it depends on how you work with your therapist so make sure you feel the fit is right for you.

Is online or in person therapy better for anxiety?

It depends on the person. It's really your preference.

What are the limitations of online therapy?

Limitation can be challenges for clients to find a private space, strength of wifi or phone signal on both ends, noise issues interrupting our online therapy sessions.

Canada Online Therapy offers an adjacent puppy therapy program, in person perks are not available online. EMDR for example offers EMDR equipment in person.

What is the difference between a psychotherapist and a Counselling therapist?

A psychotherapist usually is interested  in treating the cause of a problem.

A counseling therapist is usually hired to help cope and solve problems. 

How do I see a therapist in Canada?

Self referral. If you have insurance, check to see if you need a doctor referral note to submit your claims.

How much does online therapy cost vs in person therapy?

Usually the same.

How often should you go to therapy?

Therapists will vary with their background and training on this. 

Canada Online Therapy usually sees clients once a week if issues are urgent, and increase intervals from there. If cases are not urgent, it is the client's preference. We however do see more progress and change for those who choose to commit.

Do I need therapy or counselling?

​It depends where you are. A therapist's job is to meet you where you are.

Therapy assumes you have your basic self care taken care of so you can do deeper work, as it can be de-stabilizing at times, as all growth can be.

​Is therapy better than counseling?

Not necessarily.

Counsellors are vital in terms of stabilizing someone when they need, especially when there is suicidal ideations, of history of attempts. 

Canada Online Therapy wishes to give the best to clients,

so wishes to treat causes of problems for long term results, but therapy is about having a safe space where there is no pressure or expectations you can arrive as you are, and grow exponentially.


Like all things, if it comes form the client it usually will stick, and be more powerful.

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