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Online Therapy Approaches

❀ Acceptance Commitment Therapy

❀ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

❀ Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, RO-DBT

❀ Emotion Focused Therapy

❀ Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples

❀ Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

❀ Existential & Humanistic Therapy

❀ Internal Family Systems Therapy

❀ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy

❀ Motivational Interviewing

❀ Narrative Therapy

❀ Person Centered Therapy

❀ Positive Psychotherapy

❀ Prolonged Exposure Therapy

❀ Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

❀ Strength Based Psychotherapy

❀ Solution Focused Therapy

❀ Somatic Experiencing

Types of Therapy Approaches

Canada Online Therapy applies the best types of therapy approaches, combines the most powerful counseling approaches and theories, counseling approaches and techniques that are individualized, customized to fit you - so therapy works.

Online Therapy Approaches

Canada Online Therapy provides the best online therapy in Canada, online talk therapy.

Canada Online Therapy offers Canadian online mental health services with the most trusted types of therapy approaches.

If you are looking for Canadian online counselling, 1 to 1 therapy services, Canada Online Therapy provides

online therapy that takes insurance Canada.

Counseling Approaches and Theories

Canada Online provides the best therapy approaches by combining evidence based therapy approaches.


Canada Online Therapy offers trusted counseling approaches and theories, counseling approaches and techniques, counseling therapy approaches, psychotherapy and therapy based approaches that works for most people.


Canada Online Therapy offers powerful combinations of brief therapy approaches, behavioral therapy approaches, cognitive therapy approaches, contemporary therapy approaches, client centered therapy approaches, directive therapy approaches, existential humanistic therapy approaches, existential therapy approaches.

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