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Complete Counselling Services 

Confused on how to book a therapist appointment ?

Are you looking up how to find a therapist in Nova Scotia ?

Or finding a therapist in Vancouver, Montreal ?

Canada Online Therapy provides complete  counselling services to Canadians.  

Therapist booking is simple and straight forward, within a few clicks.

Online Therapy Services

Canada Online Therapy's mission is to provide the best Canadian Online Therapy offering online counseling services, online counseling for mental health, psychotherapy, resiliency online counseling.

Canada Online Therapy provides counseling that accepts insurance; online counseling that takes insurance, online therapy that takes insurance.

Viktor Frankl

“Everything can be taken from a man, but the last of the human freedoms: to choose one's attitudes in any given set of circumstances.” 

Canada Online Therapy Insurance Coverage Questions

Canada Online Therapy is extremely committed to providing the highest quality of psychotherapy service, best online therapy Canada, Canadian online counselling.

Do you have to pay for therapy in Canada ?
➵ Yes in private practice you pay for therapy in Canada,
however if you have insurance coverage, you get reimbursed. 

How much is online counseling ?
How much does online counseling cost ?
Please refer to our therapy pay per session page.


Is therapy covered in Canada ?
➵ Yes Therapy is covered in Canada,
but it depends the therapist's license, with your plan.


➵ Canada Online Therapy offers Canadian Online Mental Health Services providing
online therapy covered by insurance.

➵ Canada Online Therapy is the best online therapy that takes insurance;
online counseling accepts insurance,
pay per session online therapy.

Canada Online Therapy is an approved provider,
if you are looking for online counseling accepts insurance.

virtual therapy canada

Online Therapy Canada

Canada Online Therapy is able to provide Canadian Online Therapy to most provinces with the Inter-Provincial Practice Agreement, which provides the authority to practice interjurisdictional telepsychotherapy.

Interprovincial health insurance agreements allows you to claim your online therapy covered by insurance Canada Online Therapy as an approved provider.

Thank you for considering Canada Online Therapy, as we work tirelessly to provide Canada Online Therapy best, most trusted therapy approaches to Canadians.

Canada Online Therapy provides services in locations ~

Canada Online Therapy Platforms

🍁 online therapy Nova Scotia

🍁 online therapy Newfoundland

🍁 online therapy New Brunswick

🍁online therapy PEI

🍁 online counseling Manitoba

🍁 online therapy Saskatchewan

🍁 ​online counseling Alberta

🍁 BC online counseling

🍁 Ontario therapy online

🍁online psychotherapy Quebec

🍁 telehealth Yukon counseling

🍁 online Northwest Territories mental health

🍁 Nunavut telehealth online therapy

Online Therapy Services

Canada Online Therapy provides the best online therapy for Canadian online therapy.
Some Specializations Canadian Online Counselling - 
online therapy for teens
➫ online counseling for teens
 online therapy kids
➫ online counseling for kids
➫  online therapy for kids
 online therapy for men
➫ online counseling for women
online therapy for couples
➫ online counseling for couples
 online therapy groups
 group online therapy
➫ online counseling for depression​
online therapy for depression
 online therapy for anxiety
➫ online counseling for anxiety
 ➫ online grief counseling
➫ online childhood trauma counseling
emdr therapy online canada
➫ ptsd online therapy
➫ and much more.


Online Therapy Questions

Is online therapy any good ?

Yes. Research has found no difference between in person and online for most people.

Is therapy good for you ?

↪ Yes. Therapy has been found to increase, awareness, protect oneself from stress therefore long term health.

Is online therapy safe ?

↪ Yes. Online therapy is safe, therapy approaches are empirically proven, meaning they  are safe.

Is therapy for the weak ?

↪ No. Therapy is for those who want to rely on themselves as a resource, improve relationships in privacy, with an expert. 

Which psychotherapy is most effective ?

↪ It depends how you respond. There are core therapies, and new therapies are built on core therapies.

Is therapy good for anxiety ?

Yes therapy treats anxiety naturally, investigates the cause surrounding when it started, helps you cope, accept anxiety.

​Therapy vs counselling ?

↪ Therapy is more in depth healing, processing.
↪ Counseling is supportive, coping strategies.
Canada Online Therapy provides the best approaches to therapy and counseling.

online talk therapy canada 🍁
​therapy canada online 🍁

Advantages of Online Therapy

Advantages of online counseling:

🐥 Expansion of choice of therapist better suited for you,
success in therapy is based on the therapy relationship

🐥 Comfort of therapy in your home without the stress of travel


🐥 Anonymity, privacy, confidentiality, safety, 

online therapy provides the same luxuries in person therapy offers

Difference between online therapy versus in person ?

Online therapy can be more efficient, as commute sometimes interrupts your ability to settle into your therapy session 


Online Therapy can protect your processing time after therapy, as this is part of your investment in therapy,

you are not forced to travel home, deeper reprocessing therapy work requires you to rest immediately after.

🍁Canada Online Therapy provides same day online therapy.

🍁Canada Online Therapy provides online therapy covered by insurance, Canadian Online Therapy.

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