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Person Centered Therapy

Person Centered Therapy broke out as rebel in the baby booming time, challenging therapy's customary beliefs that the therapist is the expert in the room. Carl Rogers lead this movement with humility, gentleness, kindness, curiosity. He questioned if this was the best approach to psychotherapy which bases itself on self reporting, self-healing. How can we be the experts in the room after spending 50 minutes with you ? Put a label on you after spending 15 minutes with you ? A label that could possibly damage your self concept for a life time ?


Now, most therapists if not all therapists see it basic responsibility to carry a Person Centered Approach. We as therapists wish to instill within clients, clients can trust themselves, trust the client knows themselves the best. We see ourselves as guides to nurture clients to feel and believe they are experts of themselves are able to advocate for themselves, put themselves first as we can only give our best if we have arrived to feel our best.

Our role as therapists is to ensure we are seeing our clients in the best light, to lend what is called, unconditional regard to our clients - and to assess if the client is applying this core approach to themselves. All good funnels from this.

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