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Scotiabank Mental Health Benefits

Canada Online Therapy supports Scotiabank employees to claim their mental health benefits. Scotiabank mental health initiative launched in 2022 initiated support for employees to be eligible for Scotiabank employee insurance from $3000 to $10,000.

"Lisa-Marie: We are proud that Scotiabank expanded its mental health coverage from $3,000 to $10,000 per year for all benefits-eligible Canadian employees and their dependents. This includes services like clinical counselors, internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy, psychologists and more"

Canada Online Therapy works with Manulife Insurance to assists and guide Scotiabank employees through how to do therapy and Canadian online therapy without going through mandatory EAP, EFAP programs where one may not have chose of therapist assigned to clients.

If you are a Scotiabank employee,with employee benefits, looking for assistance in navigating your

Scotiabank employee health benefits Canada Online Therapy is a

Scotiabank employee assistance program specializing in online therapy, online therapy for adults, online couples therapy, online family therapy, online group therapy, offering the best online therapy.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you take time off work for mental health?

Ideally we as therapists wish that the stigma of mental health could be broken to protect persons from  ever reaching this point. This being said, you are able to take time off of work for mental health. That is what your sick pay, doctors visits, vacation is for. Your mental health benefits are there to use before this happens. So don't wait until you feel bad, to get on top of your mental health by booking .


What to do if work is affecting your mental health?


More than likely it is more than just work that is affecting your mental health. Seek a nonjudgemental qualified therapist that you feel comfortable with, you feel you can talk to. A therapist is there so you can add to your network of resources. Going to therapy does not mean you need help, it means you want to help yourself.​

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