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Best Online Therapy Covered by Insurance

Canada Online Therapy is extremely committed to provide the best online therapy covered by insurance.


Canada Online Therapy offers insurance covered online therapy, online talk therapy covered by insurance, online mental health therapy covered by insurance ~

🠮 1 to 1 online therapy sessions covered by insurance

🠮 online couples therapy covered by insurance

🠮 online family therapy covered by insurance

🠮 online group therapy covered by insurance


Commonly Approved Insurance Covered Therapy

What insurances cover therapy ?

Here are a few common Insurance Plans Covering therapy

Manulife Insurance Covered Therapy

Manulife insurance

Sunlife Insurance

Sunlife Insurance

Blue Cross Insurance

Blue Cross Insurance

Canada Life Insurance

Canada Life Insurance

Green Shield Insurance

Green Shield Insurance

RBC Insurance

Commonly Asked Questions

Is online therapy covered by insurance in Canada?

Is there a Canadian version of BetterHelp?

How much does online therapy cost vs in-person therapy?

Is online therapy just as effective as in person sessions?

Are online therapy worth it?

Is online therapy good for anxiety?

What are the limitations of online therapy? What are the disadvantages of digital therapy?

How come therapy is so expensive?

How much does most therapy cost?

Online Therapy Covered by Insurance

Online therapy covered by insurance - How does it work ?

1. Book your 1 to 1 therapy services, online couples therapy session, family session or online group session

2. Pay for your session. Check for your receipt automatically sent to your email after payment.

3. Submit your receipt for your insurance claim for coverage for therapy.

As a customer of Canada Online Therapy you are given access to your receipts and booking calendar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check under your profile under "billing."

Mental Health Blog

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Insurance Covered Therapy

Is therapy covered by insurance ? Yes !

Canada Online Therapy offers insurance covered therapy. If you are looking for insurance covering therapy, couples therapy covered by insurance, marriage counseling covered by insurance, adult therapy covered by insurance,


Canada Online Therapy provides receipts for your insurance claim reimbursements.

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