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Canada Online Therapy is open to taking self referrals.


Please take advantage of our self check-in appointment calendar or our new client form on for quick and easy appointments for online therapy for adults, for kids, couples, families, group.


Canada Online Therapy offers the highest standards of therapy services, combining the most powerful, trusted empirically proven therapy approaches.


It would be a dream to work with you ! LP

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Canada Online Therapy believes in offering the best online therapy.


Canada Online Therapy provides mental health virtual care, the highest standards of service in online mental health counseling.


Canada Online Therapy combines the most trusted, therapy approaches, compassionate skilled online registered therapist.
Canada Online Therapy  specializes in:

🠮 online child therapy 
🠮 online child counseling

🠮 online therapy for adults

🠮 online couples therapy
🠮 online marriage counseling

🠮 online family therapy

🠮 online group therapy


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Lee Park - Online Therapist
Canada Online Therapy

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Canada Online Therapy offers online mental health therapy providers if you are looking for a licensed psychotherapy platform online.

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